NAE can supply complete material handling solutions and help you with software management, order processing, and automation, as well as improve overall DC system throughput in both the inbound and outbound processes.

Tire & Automotive

With decades of experience NAE can provide solutions for flexible and efficient production and automation processes for areas such as; tire building, curing, to final finish and inspection with a specialty in automation, material handling, safety, and energy management.


NAE can help you compete in today’s competitive global market by evaluating and providing you with solutions to maximize your material handling processes. We provide the insight and technology to achieve your goals.

Baggage Handling

Airport baggage handling requires fast accurate logistics processes from drop off through sorting and back to re-claim. Let NAE assist you with the all your control and material handling solutions.

Food & Beverage

NAE has solutions for your operation layout, line control, filling & packing as well as palatalizing. We offer complete FDA food grade systems and 4X control in our automation packages.

Parcel Handling

NAE provides real time solutions in the complex world of parcel handling. Carriers depend on quick and accurate solutions through the process of identifying, sorting, weighing, and tracking parcels and we can provide the solutions to you for your parcel handling.

Areas of Expertise

Conveyor Systems -
    Package, Pallet & Tote

Vertical Lifts



Stretch Wrapping

Check Weighing

Strapping Machines


Product and Bar-Code Identification

Order Picking

Que and Buffering